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Pozzey is an indoor and micro-location platform for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It provides better than GPS location accuracy to mobile devices both indoors and outdoors using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (iBeacon) placed throughout a venue to tell the mobile device where it is. Pozzey can provide position accuracy of approximately 3 metres where required. The Pozzey platform provides all the software, maps, databases, beacon hardware, security, analytics and tools that developers need to build feature-rich indoor location enabled apps.


In addition to providing accurate location Pozzey can trigger apps to open based on location and events such as push notification to occur when a mobile device enters a pre-defined area (geo-fence). This allows new types of apps on mobile devices such as indoor location based advertising and location based payments e.g. electronic ticketing for events where the ticket validation is done fully automatically. The Pozzey platform also provides feature rich indoor maps of venues that when combined with location information allow indoor turn-by-turn navigation - just like a car GPS. Developers use the Pozzey software development kit (SDK) to develop indoor location enabled apps which access the Pozzey application programming interface (API) through the Internet.


Pozzey can incorporate our proprietary technology for beacon security built on top of the Apple iBeacon standard to prevent spoofing i.e. preventing false masquerading as a beacon, which can confuse or render an indoor and micro-locating system ineffective. We have a US Provisional Patent over this technology.

Installation, Maintenance & Management Tools

Pozzey provides web based tools that allow system integrators or facility operators to upload building maps, determine the optimum location, install and calibrate beacons and monitor and maintain the health of the beacon network. Pozzey also provides a web based management console to allow system capabilities to be controlled e.g. geo-fence push notifications.